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Frequently Asked Questions - Properties

How do I update my property information?

Unlike other websites, you can edit your property information and the changes are reflected immediately.

To update property address details, change/update photos or change/update property information, simply go to the "Property Management" page.

From here, find the propety you wish to edit then click the "Edit" button.

This should load the "Edit Property" page. Whilst on this page you can make changes to your property listing.

Once complete, click "Update Property" to save changes.

Please ensure all property information is inline with our terms and conditions.

Whilst the information is updated with immediate effect, flagrant disregard of our terms and conditions may result in termination.

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How do I view my property statistics?

You can view statistics about your property at any time. To do this, simply go to the "Statistics" page.

This page will show the following statistics:

  • Booking Statistics - This is a comparison between this years bookings, and the previous year.
  • Booking Breakdown - This is a breakdown of the total number of confirmed, reserved and cancelled bookings.
  • Booked Vs Available - This is a pie-chart showing the booked, unavailable and available percentages.
  • Top 10 Locations - This shows the top 10 geographical locations that your visitors belong to.
  • Page Views - This is the number of times your property webpage has been viewed.
  • Top 10 Referers - This shows the top 10 websites that have linked to your property webpage.
Using the "Print" icon above each chart (in the top right hand corner) you can generate a printable report containing the selected chart.
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How do I upload new property images?

You can upload new property images at any time.

To do this, go to the "Property Management" page. On this page, find the property you wish to edit then click "Edit". This will show the "Edit Property" page. Scroll down until you find the photos section.

You can delete existing images by clicking the in the corner of each photo.

To upload new images, click the "Upload new photo(s)" button. This will show a image selection window.

Upon selection, the images will be uploaded - this process can take several minutes depending on your internet speed.

To assign(or reassign) a "Main Photo" to your property, simply click the chosen image and the "Main Photo" label will appear.

Finally, once everything is complete, click "Update Property" for these changes to be published.
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How do I change my property web address?

Your property webpage or web address is in the format

This is your personal webpage dedicated to your property, and as such popular search engines, such as Google, will index this to help visitors find their way to your property webpage easier.

This is why we generally advise against changing your property web address - thus the reason for the disabled option on the "Edit Property" page.

Changing your property web address will "break" working links to your property and visitors will no longer be able to find your property until you are reindexed by search engines.

If you still want to do this, please use the "Contact Us" section of the dedicated helpdesk.

We will then process your request.

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What are price ranges, and how do I add them?

By default, your property is available everyday for the whole year.

You can use the "Unavailability Slots" (see "How do I mark dates as unavailable?") to mark, or "block out", any dates that the property is unavailable.

Likewise you can select dates and add a price for the selected dates.

To add a price range, simply go to the "Prices & Availability" page.

Scroll down and click the "Add a Price Slot" button.

On this menu, you can choose which of your properties (if you have multiple) you want to add the price range to. 

You must also choose a start and end date, and the pricing structure. There are four pricing options to choose from:

Daily Price

Simply enter the daily rate, and select which day(s) bookings can start. You can also enter a minimum/maximum number of days.

Weekly Price

Simply enter the weekly rate.

Block Price

This allows you to enter a block price i.e.  the price for the whole date block.

Cascading Price

Our 'Cascading Price' structure allows you to set a different daily price for each day (up to 14 days). This allows to charge less per day for longer stays.

Enter the price you want to charge for that nights stay. For example, to charge £100 for day 1, then £90 for day 2, then £80 for day 3, enter 100 into "Day 1" box, 90 into "Day 2" box, and 80 into "Day 3" box.

Any stays longer than the price range you set will be set as the last price - in our example above, days 4-14 will be £80.

To save the price range, simply click "Update". Your changes will then be saved, and your property webpage will reflect this instantly.

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How do I mark dates as unavailable?

By default, you property is listed as available all year round.

You can use the "Unavailability Slots" to record any dates that the property is unavailable such as seasonal unavailability, and personal use.

Unavailable date slots will be "greyed" out the calendar on the property webpage.

We also use this information when showing listings on our website.

To mark a date block as unavailable, simply go to the "Prices & Availability" page.

Click the "Add Unavailability Slot", then choose the property (if you have multiple) and the start/end dates.

Click "Update" to save the slot. Your changes will then be saved, and your property webpage will reflect this instantly.

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How do I add special offers to my property web page?

You can use our "Special Offers" page to highlight any discounts and/or promotions you may want to offer.

Once added, your offer will be shown on your property webpage and in our search listings.

To add a special offer, go to the "Special Offers" page, then click "Add Special Offer".

You must then choose which of your properties the offer applies to, the type of offer (Fixed Price Off or Percentage Off), the offer amount, and any further details or terms of the offer.

You can also choose to let the offer run on ANY dates or you can specify a date range.

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